Battling the lionfish
in Bermuda

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The Ocean Support Foundation is dedicated to protecting Bermuda's reefs and ocean. The Foundation has initiated and supports a number of island projects utilizing its technical dive teams expertise and volunteers. The Foundation is collaborating with government departments and the scientific community to conduct research and providing and supporting numerous outreach programs for both student and adult audiences.

The Foundation's Primary Focus

The Ocean Support Foundation's primary goal is to reduce the lionfish population in Bermuda's waters to a level that stops the devastating effects already being seen in the Caribbean and elsewhere in the Western Atlantic.

Bermuda's reefs are under attack. Lionfish are a major threat to our native marine species and can reduce populations of small fishes on a reef by nearly 90% in as little as five weeks. They are an invasive predatory species, only found naturally in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They have no known predators in the Western Atlantic and fish in the Atlantic do not recognize them as a threat and are easy prey. If left unchecked, lionfish could wipe out future generations of fish and wreak havoc on our marine ecosystem with devastating effects to the island's economy. Click here for a display of the Lionfish expansion from 1985 to 2013

The time to act is now

All of Bermuda will benefit from stopping the destruction of our reefs and native fish populations.

Michael Douglas