Battling the lionfish
in Bermuda

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The Video and Image Galleries

The Ocean Support Foundation's Deep Diving Team is tasked with locating the congregations of lionfish ("Lionfish Hotspots") around Bermuda and culling as many lionfish as possible. They typically dive in the 180 - 200+ feet (54.86 - 60.96 meters) depth range, well beyond the reach of recreational scuba divers. The team also collects photographic and video data of its underwater dives. In the galleries below, you will see images and footage of underwater expeditions, pictures of the preparation that takes place before these dives, lionfish captured around the island, and much more.

Video Gallery

The first three videos feature a class project done by two high school students. They interviewed members of the Ocean Support Foundation to create a 3-part documentary in which they highlight some of the key issues we face with the lionfish invasion of the Western Atlantic.

Other videos will include spearing lionfish, how to safely fillet lionfish plus general information about the lionfish invasion. More will be added as the battle unfolds.

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Image Gallery

These initial collections of photographs depict a variety of activities undertaken by OSF and its partners as we join together to combat one of the worst environmental disasters ever faced by the Western Atlantic. These first images center on the dive team and lionfish that have been captured around Bermuda. More image galleries will be posted showing the various components of the battle plan.