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Since its early days, the Ocean Support Foundation has attracted the interest of both the local and international community. Click on the links below to see coverage of our activities in the press. Articles from around the Western Atlantic covering a variety of lionfish topics and, in particular, information about efforts throughout the Caribbean and Western Atlantic to tackle the lionfish problem.
6 Mar 2014
Lionfish: Controlling the predator
12 Mar 2014
Calls for 'culling team' 
to fight lionfish threat
23 Oct 2013
Why Bermuda’s lionfish invasion has unique problems
21 Oct 2013
Lionfish Invasion Solution Is To Eat Them, But Is The Danger Of Toxins Too Great?
21 Oct 2013
CNN highlights lionfish battle
30 Jul 2013
Hunters warned not to feed lionfish to predators
19 Oct 2013
Lionfish infestation in Atlantic Ocean a growing epidemic
14 Jul 2013
Big Lionfish Found at Disturbing Depths
3 Sep 2013
Lionfish, whales and rum at annual Sand Sculpting Competition (Update)
12 Jul 2013
Even sharks are no match for invasive lionfish
31 Jul 2013
Darwin Initiative Newsletter
10 Jul 2013
Lionfish: Gotta Eat 'Em to Beat 'Em
25 Jul 2013
Lionfish Tournament - the view from down under
9 Jul 2013
Belize targets international fish markets to protect coral reefs from an uninvited visitor
20 Jul 2013
Photos/Video: Groundswell Lionfish Tournament
28 Jun 2013
Sub expedition finds invasive lionfish in deep water
20 Jul 2013
Tournament serves up Lionfish (Update)
15 May 2013
Divers Guide to Marine Life: Lionfish
19 Jul 2013
Johnny Barnes flanked by anti-Lionfish crusaders
28 Feb 2013
Experts Say We Should Eat Lionfish
17 Jul 2013
Ready to spear your lionfish yet?
20 Feb 2013
Lionfish decreasing
1 Jul 2013
The Worst Marine Invasion Ever
20 Feb 2013
Lionfish Dinner
28 Jun 2013
Lionfish culling will help protect our fish
6 Feb 2013
Lionfish Invasion
24 Jun 2013
Get a permit to cull lionfish
29 Jan 2013
Taming Lionfish Invasion with Math
21 Jun 2013
Lionfish permit could land you a free meal
31 Dec 2012
Dive Footage Shines Light on the Magnitude of the Lionfish Invasion
20 Jun 2013
Lionfish Culling Permit Courses Now Available
30 Dec 2012
Ocean Care Solutions: Lionfish Blog
31 May 2013
Lionfish tamers
28 Dec 2012
A Fish With Nowhere to Hide
30 May 2013
$265,000 Grant For Bermuda Lionfish Task Force
29 Oct 2012
Controlling invasive lionfish may best be done in targeted areas, UF research shows
17 May 2013
BUEI seeks lionfish guides for new exhibit
23 Oct 2012
Researchers investigate lionfish swarms
15 May 2013
- Q&A with Corey Eddy and BUEI
- New BUEI Lionfish Exhibition, June Lecture
24 Sep 2012
State needs help finding invasive lionfish in Indian River Lagoon
14 May 2013
Students learn about the lionfish threat to Bermuda
17 Sep 2012
Venomous Lionfish in Tobago
7 May 2013
- Video: Weldon Wade's Anti-Lionfish Campaign
- Video: Lionfish films aim to raise awareness
14 Sep 2012
Lionfish population explodes in Florida Keyss
13 Oct 2012
The time is now to fight the dangerous Lionfish
12 Sep 2012
There Is A Threatening Lion Fish Invasion Of The Caribbean
12 Oct 2012
Experts help to form lionfish taskforce
10 Sep 2012
NY Times: Scourge of the Lionfish, Part 3: The Newest Fish in the Kitchen
5 Oct 2012
Top lionfish experts to help Bermuda
27 Aug 2012
NY Times: Scourge of the Lionfish, Part 2: Counterattack
2 Oct 2012
Seminar With Top Lionfish Researchers
22 Aug 2012
NY Times: Scourge of the Lionfish, Part 1
1 Oct 2012
Top Two Lionfish Researchers, from NOAA and REEF, coming to Bermuda to help confront the lionfish invasion
17 Aug 2012
Managing invasion of lionfish
17 Sep 2012
Bernews: Upcoming: BIOS Annual Marine Science Day
13 Aug 2012
FWC Ups The Ante On Lionfish
31 Aug 2012
Bermuda Sun: Now you can help in the battle against lionfish
22 Jul 2012
Lionfish population exploding in the gulf
30 Aug 2012
Royal Gazette: Devastating Impact
30 Jun 2012
FDA wavers on ciguatera warning
24 Jul 2012
Royal Gazette: Lionfish on the increase...and on the menu
26 Apr 2012
Bounty on lionfish could address two ills, says MLA...
22 Jul 2012
Bermuda Sun: Ocean Support Foundation wins third annual Lionfish Tournament
7 Mar 2012
- Invasive Lionfish Drive Atlantic Coral Reef Fish Declines
- Lionfish - National Parks Service
20 Jun 2012
Bermuda Sun: Recreational fishing tackled in oceans day talk
2 Mar 2012
- Lionfish Research in the Cayman Islands
- Lionfish blast prey with Puffs of Water
20 Apr 2012
DTC Agility Dogs donate over $5,500
13 Feb 2012
Lionfish sting hurts more than you think
5 Apr 2012
Lionfish Threat Highlighted at Regional Forum...
9 Feb 2012
Little Cayman hosts lionfish awards
4 Apr 2012
Bermuda Sun: Lionfish Charity Gains UK Support
13 Jan 2012
The Lionfish: From Bait To Plate
28 Feb 2012
Bernews: Students Raise $1200 For Charity
31 Aug 2011
- Lionfish invasion threatens regions coral reefs
- Do your civic duty and eat Lionfish
10 Feb 2012
PDF Document: Students Raise $1,200 For Charity
9 Feb 2012
Bernews: BIOS Highlights Lionfish Threat
28 Dec 2011
Royal Gazette: Charities cheer 'generous' CDP
7 Nov 2011
Royal Gazette: Lionfish threat 'far worse' than many imagine, warns diver
4 Nov 2011
Bermuda Sun: Documentary to highlight the threat of lionfish
6 Oct 2011
Royal Gazette: Charity aims to slow spread of ocean menace
27 Jul 2011
Bermuda Sun: Lionfish a bigger threat than the fish pots